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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive V1.




 . . taken their place. CORE presents the three main maps in CS:GO, BHvAC, Mirage, Dust2, Cobblestone, Nuke. The games in the tournament was based in each of these maps. We have the finals day and a lot of other matches to play, so we will keep playing and also create new teams and new match-ups. We would like to thank the entire team at CORE for running the tournament and for the community support throughout. We also thank all the players that participated in the matches and the new maps that we are able to test in the ESL Open. Below you can find the VODs of the tournament in 4K The voting has ended, and we're presenting you the new maps in CS:GO. Please note that as maps are removed from the map pool, CS:GO will stop advertising that map in future updates. We have updated the map list in the Community section of the forum to reflect this change. This change will also require that future CS:GO tournaments be held in a map pool where the following six maps are available: DusT: Echo (Formerly known as Insertion II) DusT: Prodigy (Formerly known as Muselk, Unnamed) DusT: Ravine (Formerly known as Beloc, The Ceiling Is Caving In) DusT: Extension (Formerly known as Ravine, Unnamed) h3z3: The Great Wall (Formerly known as Guardpost) h3z3: Oil Rig (Formerly known as Twilight, Unnamed) Here is our tentative map rotation until next patch: Tuesday February 3rd: h3z3: The Great Wall (Maps 9-10) DusT: Echo (Maps 9-10) DusT: Prodigy (Maps 9-10) DusT: Ravine (Maps 9-10) DusT: Extension (Maps 9-10) h3z3: Oil Rig (Maps 9-10) Wednesday February 4th: DusT: Ravine (Maps 11-12) DusT: Echo (Maps 11-12) h3z3: The Great Wall (Maps 11-12)





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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive V1.

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